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Jazz Influence



Jazz is more than just music. The influence of Jazz is present in every musical genre from Blues and Ragtime to Classical, Rock, and Hip-Hop. It’s early influence on poetry and fashion began in the 1920’s and is still experienced in today’s spoken word scene. Jazz is the integration of melodies, sounds, cultural nuances, and social consciousness into music that evokes feelings and engages the spirit. Jazz remains cool and sophisticated, yet continues to renew itself to speak both distinctly and harmoniously to the listener.

Be it Smooth, Fusion, or Contemporary, Jazz is the heartbeat of music. Breezy will celebrate Jazz by presenting live performers, exposing the talent of local and other artists, welcoming Jazz lovers and introducing Jazz to others that will continue the legacy and influence of all that is Jazz.

In the immortal words of Louis Armstrong, “Hot can be cool, cool can be hot, each can be both. But hot or cool man, Jazz is Jazz.”